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DSDA's First Official Deck Shop/Trade Shop

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DSDA's First Official Deck Shop/Trade Shop

Post  WaldosShadow on Tue Sep 04, 2012 9:39 am

Welcome students, admin WaldosShadow here with Deep Sea Duel Academies FIRST Deck Shop. I am in charge of it and I have loads of decks for you to buy!
So lets get it started!:
100 DP Decks (Decks I either don't care for or don't use)
-Inzektors (Stall mostly, made to overpower monsters and stop your opponent from attacking)
-Dragon varieties (Features a red-eyes deck, blue-eyes deck and normal dragon deck all made for powerful synchros)
-Character memory decks (Yugi, Joey, Seto, and Bandit Keith here at your disposal)
-Empty Jar (Make your opponent deck out quickly)
-Interdimensonal Jet (Weird deck, might just make this 50 DP)
-Skill Drain T.G. (Stops your opponents effects and gives you beaters in the process)
-Vylon (Equip card power)
-Gemini (My first ever deck, all made by my friend for me with some OCG treats and it's a bit overpowered with the right hand, does need to be trimmed though)
-Chess Archfiend (Good deck for a bad archtype)
150 DP Decks
-Original XYZ Deck (Combines Heroics with Medallion beasts to pull off quick xyz's)
-Chain Burn (Stall power is over 9000 in this deck not gonna lie)
-Rabbit Varieties (Dino Rabbit, Dragon Rabbit, Warrior Rabbit all made for over powered swarming)
-Chaos Hero's (Chaos Dragons meet HEROS now fuse, sync and swarm)
-Earthbound Immortal (Summon and attack directly enough said)
-Star Beast OTK (Not just a normal Galius deck, can run without the loop)
-Number XYZ deck (Deck made for a tourny, made to bring out 2 number monsters (Giga-Brilliant and Dark Mist)
-Scraps (Well see i used this 2 times and it summoned Scrap Dragon two times in three turns so)
-Six Spam (You should all know how this deck runs)
-Hieratics (Makes me sad marking these so low, great deck, not as quite powerful without red-eyes but still great)
-Darklord (Good deck made to bring out beefy fairies, yeah i said it beefy fairies I dare you call them girly now)
200 DP Decks (Decks I run more then the ones before but still aren't my best)
-Blackwings (Sycn power to the max)
-Lightsworn/Lightray (Mill power used to perfection, JD, and all his lightray buddies at your whim waiting for the order to destroy EVERYTHING)
-Gladiator Beasts (Fast paced deck, made for control)
-Geargia/Karakuri (OP and Overkill)
-Spellbook (You all know this deck Very Happy I hope you do anyway)
-Constellar (Let the light eat your face, these guys swarm the field with powerful light xyz's)
300 DP (My personal favorite decks, that I've put my time and DN money into)
-Wind-Ups (Lose the loop, GAIN MORE POWER!)
-Infernities (Swarm the field with no hand needed)
-Synchron (Quick Syncs and powerful hits)
-Penguin rabbit deck (You can manage to have about I'll say 4 exceed summons in one turn)
-Bubble Beat (One turn one HERO Monster next Heroic Champion Excal and Masked HERO Acid while your opponents field is reduced to rubble)
Deck Garage 250 DP
I will make you, test you, and tweak decks for you then give them to you for 250 DP.
Deck Teaching 100 DP
Need help learning how to run a deck? I'm here, if it's one of my own. Or a deck I'm familliar with I will help. Just ask, and if I am free I will give you the private time to help you learn loops, combos, and other things!

Please Check Back for Deals and New Decks


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