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Post  Statsky on Wed Oct 03, 2012 11:58 am

Okay so I will add more deck's in the future and the first 10 deck's sold are half price.

Anyway since my deck's are not the best made (but still decent) I will not price them high anyway here goes IMPORTANT: Price's can and will change so don't say i didn't warn you

Deck 1: My real life deck Price: 100 ( I say that's fair hmmm?)

Basically this is my real life deck it's so far only a starter deck with some card's added Note: this deck is subject to change at any moment (basically a random deck lol) this deck isn't overly good main key card's are as follow's, Junk warrior (don't have junk synchron yet you can add that though) and 39 utopia. grenosaurus and gachi gachi gantasu. -all synchro's and xyz.

Deck 2: Wind up's. Price: 150

This deck it's pretty good I rarely get dead hand's but you have to know there ruling's and they have a few not too much but enough to matter also you have to be careful to make sure they don't get there effect's negated too much or at all or you have lost the match. Wind up's on there own are not strong but when used right you can get powerful xyz monster's out in a matter of second's.

Deck 3: Dark world's. Price: 150

Dark world's are really good as you can easily swarm the field with powerful monster's also you can make your opponent's discard their hand and if they do the same to you even better for you. 1 thing about dark world's is necrovally can greatly eff some of them as well has any card that stop's taking thing's from the grave or prohibits discarding.

That is all my deck's for now as I ran out of time to add more but I shall add more tomorrow.

PM me if you have any concerns or questions.

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